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The Canon Printer is one the best printers one could ever purchase and own. For many years, Canon was the principal maker of the print engines found in industry-standard laser printers. ThePrinter produces very affordable and professional-quality color print. The printer also helps you stand out from the pack from other less adaptable machines as it is a great product fit for use in both the office and home. The printers are designed with better connectivity, easy-to-use software, amazing stunning print quality, and customized designs.
Canon has some of the best varieties of printers. You could choose from the single function and multi-functional printers depending on your requirement. I guarantee there is a Canon printer that fits all your needs, whether you will need smart device connectivity for Mobile printing and scanning, An Automatic document feeder to easily copy or scan multiple pages along with the ability to scan, print and copy, or two-sided printing, even touch screen and much more! Besides its proficiency and overall better performance, they also have an excellent post-purchase tech support availability. Therefore, with the canon printer support provided, Canon happens to be a market leader in terms of printer companies. Read further to get to know more about the

Features and Specifications of Canon Printers

Features and Specifications of Canon Printers
  1. The Canon printers have a maximum printing resolution of 9600dpi
  2. The ink tanks in the printers are designed with Chroma Life technology to produce long-lasting photos that can resist heat/humidity, gas, or light elements.
  3. The dye-sub printers amalgamates infinite colors to print excellent quality output you could ever imagine
  4. Auto Photo and Document Fixes infused with the printer will enable you to overcome common photo printing errors. Issues such as saturation correction, underexposed images and scene analysis plus brightness will be resolved with advanced image analysis and area-by-area data correction.
  1. Canon promotes its seamless mobile phone connectivity feature allowing the user to print the documents directly from their mobile phone. Google Cloud Print, Canon Print App, Apple AirPrint will enable this feature
  2. It also has many features such as LCD touch-screen, intelligent touch system, memory card connection, auto duplex print, 2-sided scan and advanced paper handling.

Canon Printer Driver

The canon printer drivers are function specific and therefore you will have to download each driver file separately. Make use of our Downloads link to successfully choose a driver for your printer model. Not only are the drivers function specific but they are also OS specific. It means that you have to download canon printer drivers for windows 7 if your OS is Windows 7. Alternatively, download canon printer drivers for windows 10 depending on your OS.

Canon Printer Driver

We also have printer drivers for operating systems such as Windows XP. In case you are unable to find the correct drivers for your model, call us immediately on Canon printer support phone number.

Driver Installation Process

  1. You need to be an administrator to run or install a driver software on your PC or Mac.
  2. Make sure you close all other running applications on the device before you begin.

Next, we move on to the setup and installation process of your Canon printer.

  1. Stay in the admin profile throughout the installation process and do not switch users.
  2. An uninterrupted internet connection is a prerequisite during the entire process.

Completing the Canon Wireless Printer Setup

The Canon printer setup process is simple and straightforward for Canon printers.

  • At the offset, access the Settings menu on your printer using the display screen, turn on the wireless settings and then look for your home’s Wi-Fi.
  • Connect to it using the corresponding password and then connect any number of devices to your printer.
Canon Wireless Printer Setup
canon ij setup

Troubleshoot the Canon Printer Setup Errors

Troubleshoot Canon Printer Issues
  • In case you come across any errors, cross check if you have furnished the correct network credentials.
  • You should also look out for your printer’s compatibility with the downloaded software.
  • Foremost step to resolve the majority of the network issues is to restart the device, detach the network connection and plug it again.
  • The version of the operating system in use plays a vital role in the network settings.
  • Follow and execute the troubleshooting tips available on our canon tech support page.

Network Connection

  • Check the PC or router’s network settings before you establish a connection with the printer.
  • Ping and interact with the network admin in case of an office setup.
  • Make sure that the network has adequate safety measures and also troubleshoot error messages accordingly or seek expert help to resolve these issues.
  • Ensure that you always connect the printer and the PC or mobile device to the same wireless network.

Network Connection

To enhance your knowledge on Canon printers, navigate to and get in touch with our product experts who would be happy in assisting you and clearing your queries. We also offer customer support online and provide the driver software required to set up the device online.


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